She was a neighbor and quickly became a best friend...

Little did I know she was actually a professional con artist...

on the run from authorities, and I was one of her many "marks". 

She would end up scamming more than $75,000 from me and thousands more from many others. EVERYTHING she told people about her life was a lie used to further her cons. She targeted friends, clients and blackmailed married men she had affairs with.

In fact, Marianne "Mair" Smyth is actually a fugitive wanted by Police in Northern Ireland for stealing hundreds of thousands from unsuspecting victims there. 

Back in 2017 she was convicted of stealing $190,000 from her employer in Los Angeles; Pacific Islands Travel. Click here for: Court Records and has a trail of felonies for Fraud and Grand Theft in Florida and Michigan.

Dating apps, day jobs and her psychic business were the tools of her malevolence. 


Been Victimized?