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Marianne Smyth impersonated Psychologists, Lawyers, Social Workers, Mortgage Brokers, Psychics and even Cancer Patients to scam people. I've uncovered 45 other victims of hers in Los Angeles, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Maine, New York and Northern Ireland she scammed hundreds of thousands from using a web of sophisticated pretexts and identities. NBC's All Access reports. 

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When Con Artist Marianne Smyth showed up to court on crutches, it left bystanders laughing at her latest scam. KABC Eyewitness News Reporter Rob Hayes confronted the accused scammer.

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The Daily Times - Maryville TN

Maryville-raised con artist convicted in Los Angeles

Jan 11 2019 - By Waylon Cunningham waylonc@thedailytimes.com

Marianne Smyth was an alleged con artist before Wednesday. Now she is a convicted one.

A Los Angeles court has found the former Maryville woman guilty of grand theft after she stole more than $75,000 from a reality TV producer. Johnathan Walton, a producer behind shows like “Shark Tank” and “American Ninja Warrior,” had been led to believe over the course of years that Smyth was a royal Irish woman being cheated by her estranged family out of an inheritance worth millions.

This was a story she leaked out slowly after meeting Walton in 2013. She treated him and his husband to lavish dinners and gifts, projecting an image of wealth she did not actually have.

And once she told him of her inheritance problems — explaining away complications related to real felony charges being pressed against her by a former employer — it was still 14 months before she asked Walton for any money.

Walton became suspicious after Smyth was put in jail. He found that not only was she convicted for embezzling close to $200,000, but through a private investigator, he found that almost everything she had told him was a lie.

Smyth was raised in Maryville, and through the years built a long rap sheet of fraud-related charges in Blount County and across the country — as well as Northern Ireland.