“Thank you so much. Your blog saved me from her.” were the first words out of Bob’s mouth back in April 2017 when he called me. 

Bob was Mair’s last known boyfriend and was on the fast track to becoming one of her biggest victims. Mair was actually in the process of drawing up paperwork for Bob to add her name to the title of his two homes. Thankfully, someone printed out my blog about Mair being a con artist and showed it to him. When he brought it home to confront her, she didn't say a word in response. She just ran out of his house and never came back. 

Mair met Bob on Tinder in late 2016. On their 1st date, after the recently divorced Bob confided in her that he wished he had a better custody arrangement with his kids. Mair told him, as luck would have it, she worked as a “730 expert” which is a court appointed child custody investigator. And she offered to “help” Bob get a better custody arrangement with his kids. That’s how con artists gain entry into your life. They offer to help you. 

For the record, Mair was not a "730 expert”. She was just a resourceful sociopath on the hunt for her next victim. 

Soon Bob started receiving text messages from “Heba” an attorney that was supposedly working with Mair to help Bob with his custody situation. Turns out… Mair was using a google phone number to impersonate Heba, who is actually a real attorney in Los Angeles and the sister of a former client of Mair’s psychic business. 

Yup. Mair worked as a Psychic for several years in Los Angeles. It provided her with a revolving door of fresh victims. Sadly, most of them will never go to police. 

As for Bob’s situation…wouldn’t you know, Heba claims via text to Bob (and Mair corroborates in person) that they have found a ton of dirt on Bob’s ex-wife. So Mair, posing as Heba via text claims to have tapped his ex-wife’s cell phone and is doing deep surveillance on her. Mair and Heba via text tell Bob his ex-wife is running a BDSM sex club out of her house while Bob’s kids are in the next room. Bob is alarmed. But he’s also happy at the thought of getting full custody of his kids and rescuing them from this supposed “sex club” house.

Of course this was all a fantastic story Mair created to get closer to Bob. And it worked. And there were other stories too. 

Mair knew Bob and his son were huge hockey fans so she told him her good friend was Garth Snow, the GM of the New York Islanders. Mair would show Bob text messages from Garth to prove it. And eventually Bob started getting text messages from Garth too. Bob was pretty disappointed when Garth, who was supposed to meet him at his church one day… never showed up. “Something came up.” Garth texted Bob to cancel. Something always came up. Something always does when you’re dealing with a figment of Mair’s imagination. Bob later realized It was Mair who was impersonating Garth Snow via texts and emails the whole time. 

Mair also told Bob about her wealthy Irish family and about a $25 million inheritance she was going to receive soon. And Bob, like the other people she scammed, believed her. Why wouldn't he? She had laid the groundwork flawlessly. 

One day, Mair drives Bob to  this $12 million house  in Newport Beach. She says she’s going to buy it soon with her inheritance money. And she wants to put Bob’s name on the title and co-own it with him. She contracted a realtor and actually looked at the home a dozen times with Bob. She even ordered a home inspection and put an offer in writing on the home… because she told Bob her 25 million dollar inheritance was coming any day.  

“That’s crazy” Bob told her about the idea of adding his name to her new home. “If our relationship goes south I’ll own $6 million worth of your home! That’s not right.” Bob said. “I can’t live with that.” To which Mair artfully replied “OK. If you put my name on the title of both the homes you own we’ll be even.” So Mair drew up papers to get Bob to add her name to the title of his two homes. Then fate intervened. 

Bob’s ex-wife was becoming extremely curious about the woman suddenly in her ex-husband’s life. Mair was spending more and more time with Bob’s kids. So she googled “Mair Smyth” and found my blog online. She was gobsmacked. She quickly printed it out and shared it with Bob in person. When Bob got home, he handed Mair the the printed blog. She looked at it for a second in stunned silence. And then she suddenly ran out of his house, as if someone was going to chase her - and never came back.  

If Bob had put Mair's name on the title of the two homes he owns, she would have legally owned them too. And he'd have to pay to "buy" them back from her. Or spend years in court trying to prove he was scammed. Because it does take years. Ask me how I know.  


Sarah was Bob's nanny that "Mair" aka "Marianne Smyth" got fired by telling Bob she's a drunk and a bunch of other crazy made-up stories to paint her as irresponsible and untrustworthy. Smyth wanted Sarah out of the picture so Bob would lean on Smyth to help with his kids so she could better insert herself into his life and take his two homes in Newport Beach. 

Sarah took care of those children since they were babies and being fired devastated her. Smyth then "hired" Sarah as an apprentice to her life coaching scam. And let her listen to her clients' recorded sessions without their consent, unbeknownst to Sarah. Of course Smyth was not really a Psychologist or Therapist. She pretended to be so that she could "treat" patients, get all their personal information and secrets and use to scam them.  

Also... to get Sarah to move on and not beg for her job back... Mair included me, Johnathan Walton, in her scam. I'm a TV Producer. So Smyth told Sarah I was looking to hire a tutor to be on set for some kid and that it was part of a reality show so she'd be on camera. In reality I was producing a Travel Channel series called "Booze Traveler" at the time featuring zero kids and was certainly not looking for a tutor. 



Andrew is a wealthy Los Angeles politician and partner in a huge estate planning law firm. He was also married with children when he began his illicit affair with Marianne Smyth. Mair convinced him her wealthy Irish Uncle was dissolving a billion dollar family trust and wanted to leave the bulk of the estate to his wayward gay son who was living in California; who the uncle had cast out 20 years prior. Mair led Andrew to believe her uncle would hire him to handle the trust. Her "uncle" texted and emailed Andrew frequently explaining the particulars of the billion dollar trust he wanted to hire his firm to set up. In reality, it was Mair texting and emailing Andrew impersonating her "uncle" (who didn't really exist) by using a series of online google accounts she cleverly created to scam people.

I don’t know how much money Andrew thought he would make from handling a billion dollar trust but it must have been considerable because whenever Mair needed, say, $25,000, to add a new roof to one her estates in Ireland because her money was tied up in CDs, Andrew was happy to oblige. 

Or when she needed $4200 to pay me back for bailing her out of jail - he was there with cash the next day. 

Early in their relationship Andrew made the fatal mistake of confiding in Mair that he once had a crazy mistress named Jen, years before he met Mair. So right when Andrew was running for reelection, Mair impersonated this crazy mistress using fake email accounts and texts from online phone numbers and threatened to go public with evidence of their past affair to destroy Andrew’s chances of winning his election. 

So the real Mair, pretending to be a supportive girlfriend, agreed to "help" her married politician boyfriend by hand delivering $50,000 in cash to this past mistress as hush money. Of course, Mair had help from her Irish cousins Fintan, Dairmuid and Tristan - who in reality were other fake online identities Mair created using fraudulent e-mail accounts and online phone numbers to communicate with the married politician. Andrew would later find out that it was Mair impersonating his former mistress Jen all along. 

In total Mair scammed more than $80,000 from Andrew. But do you think he went to police?


Mair impersonated a psychologist and scammed Heather into taking fake life coaching and therapy sessions from her. Mair then used the intimate details she gleaned from Heather’s “sessions” to scam her. For instance, she tricked Heather into believing that the guy Heather was head-over-heels in love with was also taking life coaching classes from Mair. He of course was not. 

But that didn’t stop Mair from impersonating this guy using online phone numbers and fake email accounts - all in an effort to trick Heather into believing he was. Mair kept reiterating to Heather that if she just took more life coaching sessions and more therapy sessions Mair would be able to broker a romance between them. 

$10,000 later, Heather realized it was a scam. The guy Heather was in love with had never even heard of Mair Smyth. 

Heather was devastated and embarrassed. And Mair proved herself once again to be a master manipulator of human emotion. A woman as heartless as she is creative and “Impersonating a Doctor” got added to her long list of felony exploits. 

Heather was the only one of the dozen or so other "clients" Smyth scammed with her fraudulent "Life Coaching" racket who had the strength and the courage to report Mair to police.  All her other victims begged me not to mention their names. Which of course enables Smyth to keep scamming people. The LAPD is investigating.


Marcy is a wealthy West Palm Beach housewife who met Smyth on a psychic hotline. They quickly struck up a friendship. They'd meet in New York City on girls-only vacations. Marcy had no idea she was being targeted by Smyth. Marcy's husband filed for divorce from Marcy citing Smyth scamming her out of $150,000 as one of his grievances. Neither Marcy nor her husband reported Smyth to police. 


I was Mair’s neighbor for years but I had no idea that she got out of paying rent for many months by convincing the manager of our apartment building that she had cancer and that she was frequently in the hospital getting either surgery or chemotherapy. Our building manager felt sorry for her, as any human being would. And Mair skipped out on paying more than $12,000 in rent over the course of 5 months. Who would lie about having cancer? In actuality, this cancer bit was just a recycled scam Mair had used with much success in her youth, according to her estranged family. 

Mair did have low blood iron and from time to time would purposely not eat iron-rich foods so she could strategically go to the hospital for Iron transfusions. While she was sitting in a real hospital bed for a few hours, she’d ask a nurse to take her picture and use that picture to email and text people to trick them into believing she was getting treatment for cancer. I discovered she used this cancer trick on a lot of people. 


Smyth conned 2 neighbors in my building using the same Irish Inheritance scam she used on me. She took one neighbor for $5000. And another one for $2000. Both neighbors do not want to go to police. They wish to remain anonymous and want to put the whole ordeal behind them. 


Ned is a patient at a facility for the mentally ill. Smyth faked mental illness to get room and board at that facility when the law began catching up to her. It was the perfect hiding place. Ned was living off his Social Security and Veteran's Benefits. Smyth targeted Ned, who is in his 70's and in poor health and convinced him she was in love with him and wanted to marry him. Smyth also pretended to suffer from the same mental illness as Ned which bonded them even closer. One day Ned noticed the legal name on one of Smyth's prescription bottles did not match the name she had given him. While Ned is mentally ill, he's not stupid. So he googled her legal name, found my blog, discovered she was a con artist and dumped her. If Smyth had been able to execute her scam and marry Ned - after his death, she would have collected his social security and his veterans benefits as a living spouse FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.  


Mair "Marianne Smyth" told the guy she was dating for a couple months, Chris, that she was good friends with Jennifer Aniston . And she'd show him text messages from Aniston to prove it. Since Chris worked in TV Production Mair was telling him Jennifer freaking Aniston was interested in working with him. It was great bait to be sure. But Chris eventually figured out those Jennifer Aniston text messages were actually coming from a Google Voice account that Mair herself created to text HERSELF as Jennifer Aniston. Then he dumped her. He figured it was a major red flag. BOY DID HE DODGE A BULLET. Smyth's con in this case never got off the ground. 


Mair "Marianne Smyth", met Jonathan on Tinder. He's a well to do businessman in LA. At one point, Mair, using another Google phone number, impersonated a client of hers, a Studio Exec, who worked at a big movie studio here in LA to try and get Jonathan, the wealthy guy she was dating to pay $15,000 to the studio exec for some tickets to a major awards show. His young daughter really wanted to go this star-studded awards show. And he was going to surprise her with tickets. The Studio Exec had no idea Mair was impersonating her and doing this. She has since hired a lawyer and is pursuing a case against Mair. Jonathan never actually handed over the $15,000 for the tickets. He got a weird feeling about it at the last second and changed his mind. But then, Mair, pretending to be The Studio Exec via text sent a lot of lewd sexual advances to Jonathan to create drama. 


Robert was dating Mair "Marianne Smyth" for a few months after meeting her on Tinder. He was the head of a non-profit foundation. Suddenly Robert started getting texts and emails from Mair's cousin "Fintan" offering to donate $100,000 to his foundation. He had no idea it was Mair impersonating "Fintan" the whole time. And that Mair was trying to steal his financial information in the process of the "donation". He eventually was able to figure out she was trying to con him and dumped her but he wouldn't tell me how he made that discovery. One of his best friends is a high ranking member of law enforcement so I suspect that had something to do with it.


Mair "Marianne Smyth" dated Michael for a few months on the cusp of 2016-2017. He's of Irish descent. And Mair convinced him she was dying of cancer and needed his help to take over her multimillion dollar trust in Ireland so he could take care of her daughter financially after she dies. Her cousin Fintan was arranging a trip to Ireland to meet Michael. Of course it was actually Mair emailing and texting Michael pretending to be "Fintan". At some point Michael got suspicious and dumped her. Then one of Fintan's hired guns (another character Smyth impersonated via text) told Michael that Smyth had died. LOL. Before her death she was pressuring Michael to send her his legal name and SS# etc. so she could help him get a passport to travel to Ireland. With Smyth's history of applying for credit cards in people's names and charging up thousands... it's a good thing Michael didn't give her any info. 


Marianne Smyth sold luxury vacations at Pacific Islands Travel for a couple years. She cleverly created a personal PayPal account using the words "Pacific Islands" in the name and took customer's vacation payments into her personal bank account. She eventually got busted by the cops and was convicted in a Los Angels courtroom for stealing close to $200,000 over 2 years. COURT RECORDS HERE